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Who would have imagined that the boy roaming around the streets of Vadnagar, North Gujrat will be the one to bring the evolutionary change in the country! Helping his dad in selling tea and later running his own tea stall in the early days, even that small child wouldn’t have any idea of what impact he is going to put in the country’s growth after few years.


14th Prime Minister of Independent India, born on 17th September, 1950 in a Gujrati family in vadnagar district of Gujarat. He was introduced to RSS party at the age of eight and later in the year 1971 he joined as a permanent member in RSS and finally to BJP in 1985 where he held several positions during the party hierarchy. He was elected as the Chief Minister of Gujarat in Oct, 2001.
During his office period, Gujarat witnessed several profitable economic growth, industrial growth, and overall improvement in major aspects leading towards the betterment of the state. However, he had to face some criticism too because of the Gujrat riots in 2002, still of the fact that the court didn’t found any evidence to prosecute him.

BJP, led by Modi in the general election’s 2014 triumph a majority in Lok Sabha and it was considered as the first time a single party has achieved since 1984. His victory was described as the “Triumph of The Will” in the open magazine. Very soon after taking the office and assigning the other officials of his party office, Modi started to work over his vision of Changing and empowering India..

The Evolutionary Man

The man who started his life as a tea seller had made the promise to 1.25 billion people for bringing the change in country leading towards development, betterment and growth of the nation. He addressed his election speeches with some of slogans which were meant towards the growth of nation. Since taking the office, the party started to work towards raising foreign direct investment in the Indian economy, increasing the infra-structure, improving efficiency in the bureaucracy, and moreover a corruption free nation. He has been addressing the people time to time nationally and globally with his vision of Developed India

Time to time Modi is addressing several seminars or conferences where he talks about the growth and development visions he had for the nation. Whether targeting the national audiences or interacting with the international ones, he is the man leading the nation towards an evolutionary growth and development

2014 Independence Day speech

Soon after taking the office in Lok Sabha, Modi gave his maiden speech as PM on august,15th 2014, witnessed by a crowd of over more than 50M peoples live and many across the globe watching through their televisions. His slogan throughout the speech was “Make in India”. He passed the message globally through his speech and invited the companies and investors for spending in India. He addressed the spectators as “I tell the world to make in India”; sell anywhere but manufacture here. He also focussed towards the other factors leading in betterment of the nation.
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Prestigious Global Business Summit 2016 – Organised by Economic Times & Airtel:

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