Translation India has vast experience in conferences with simultaneous conference interpreting, translation equipment rental and Audience voting systems.

In Conference Interpretation the interpreter sits in a booth, listening through headphones to the speech in the source language and interpretation is done over a microphone to the target audience.

The conference interpreter has to ensure the interpretation is flawless and the message is conveyed accurately. This is the reason our simultaneous interpreters and translators are not academically sound, but we make sure they are appointed to events matching their credentials and subject matter.

Consecutive interpreters use a different process. They are required to listen to a consecutive speech in the source language for few minutes and then interprets all the contents in the target language and accurately.

Interpretation is done by Interpreters possessing high proficiency in linguistics of the given language combination and having technical knowledge in the field specified by the client.

Interpreters can travel to the location required in case of outstation assignments or we can arrange for professional interpreters residing in the city / country where the interpretation services are required.

We can provide interpreters on very short notice in most of the languages where interpreters are available in India. In case interpreters are not available in India, we arrange to bring the interpreter from the country where the language is spoken.

We also provide interpreters for Indians travelling abroad. We can provide an interpreter in the city wherever the client is travelling, so that it saves the cost of travel and lodging & boarding expenses of the interpreter.