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Translation India – the one stop solution for all your needs regarding any events, conferences or seminars. We work with the vision to provide our clients the best quality interpretation services understanding their needs.

With an experience of over more than 20+ years in the interpretation and translation industry, we are entrusted by more than 1000+ organizations for providing the best quality Simultaneous Interpretation Services.

Translation India has vast experience in conferences with simultaneous conference interpreting, translation equipment rental and Audience voting systems.

Simultaneous Interpretation Service: Simultaneous Interpretation System also known as conference interpretation services is one of the primarily needed things for holding any multi-lingual gatherings. It removes the communication barrier and enables your delegates to understand whatever message is being conveyed and take part in the proceedings.

In conference interpretation the hall is well equipped with all the Simultaneous interpretation equipment and the Interpreter sits in a booth, listening through headphones to the floor language and then accordingly interpretation is done over a microphone to the target language without affecting the flow of speech. The audiences are provided with headphone and receiver which is easy to keep & carry with them, with the option of choosing their desired language.

The interpreter plays a vital role for the success of any such gatherings. He has to ensure that the interpretation is flawless and the message conveyed to the audience are accurate and to the point without affecting the pace of flow. This is where you can be assured with Translation India.

We have a team of interpreters whose skills and knowledge have been sharpened through years of experience and they carry both linguistic as well as extra linguistic knowledge along with the proven ability of successfully completing any assignments.

What We Do ?

We, at Translation India understand your needs and requirements for successful completion of your events or seminars. Our highly dedicated and experienced team of Project managers and Account managers are always willing to help our client in planning their vent preparation. With an experience of more than 20+ years in providing Simultaneous Interpretation Services, we are entrusted by more than 1000+ organizations for successfully completing their business meetings or seminars.

We have the latest advanced Simultaneous Interpretation equipment and our interpreters to meet up your requirements. We provide you options of both purchasing and renting the simultaneous equipment system. Whether talking about a small gathering or a large seminar, your one stop solution for all needs regarding the interpretation system is Translation India.

Our interpreters’ team is always ready to relocate for any outstation assignments or also we provide arrangements for professional interpreters residing in the city/ country where the simultaneous interpretation services are required.

We can provide interpreters even on very short notice in almost all the languages where interpreters are available in India. If in the case, interpreters are not available in India; we also provide arrangements for bringing the interpreters from the country where language is spoken.

We also provide interpreters for the peoples travelling abroad. We can provide an interpreter in the city wherever the client is travelling, saving the cost of travel and lodging & boarding expenses of the interpreter.

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