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Understanding each other

The Integrus fully digital infrared language distribution system has been specifically designed for multilingual conferences and meetings to enable delegates to understand what is being said. Simultaneous interpretation of presentations and speeches in the delegate's own language is transmitted to a pocket receiver and headphones. Because it is an infrared system, conference or meeting participants can move freely around the location while still being able to follow proceedings.

The system is highly flexible and offers exceptional audio quality, making it ideal for conference centres and international organizations, no matter whatever is the size of the event or venue. As a result, it has become the infrared language distribution system of choice for event organizers.

  • Attractive and ergonomic design

    Integrus receivers boast a sleek, modern and ergonomic design. The receiver's shape means it fits easily into a pocket and is comfortable to carry. The buttons are ergonomically positioned for easy use.

    Easy channel selection

    Integrus can provide a maximum of 32 audio channels (the floor and up to 31 languages), making it ideal to cover even the largest of international conferences

    Superior audio quality

    Bosch was the originator of fully digital conference systems and introduced the first-ever fully digital infrared language distribution system

    Freedom of movement

    Large international conferences and meetings often involve a substantial public attendance and a variety of nationalities, all of whom need to understand what is being discussed in detail.

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