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The Audio Mp3 Guide System is a simplified version, the visitor can activate the playing of Audio by selecting the number keys on the device keypad.

The Audio Mp3 Guide System is a well accepted product due to its simple operation and good media format support. In the past many years we have successfully provided thousands of devices for several clients. It has a simple to operate and lower cost which can meet all our clients requirements.


1. Unlimited No. of devices in a event or location.  
2. Rugged and long lasting.
3. Up-to 9999 Audio clips can be recorded.
4. Number Button activation
5. User friendly interface of 1.8 inch screen display
6. 2GB of in-build data storage space.
7. 12 Foreign languages interfaces
8. Compact and Stylish design, easy to use.
9. Running time of 8 Hrs

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